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What to do when someone dies

All deaths must be registered in the Country where the death has occured.
If the person who died was on holiday in Lanzarote and travelling with a tour operator you can call the tour representative. They can help with the preliminary procedure and will have Spanish speaking staff on hand.

If there is not a tour operator involved then you should contact either the local police and/or the British Consulate offices in Las Palmas on  0034 928 26 25 08.

You may wish to contact the Consular offices regardless of there being a tour operator involved, however there is no obligation to register the death at the Britsh Embassy but, in most cases you can obtain a UK death certificate by doing so.

Depending on the circumstances, if the person who died was in hospital, and you wish the the burial to take place locally the Hospital Authorities would expect you to contact a funeral planner/director immediately.

You will also be faced with the decision of whether a cremation or burial is required.

If the death occurs suddenly you should contact the local Hospital and if suspicious the Police Department.

If you are considering repatriation then you should contact the Britsh Consulate Office in Las Palmas for advice and a list of International Funeral directors .

Lanzarote Funeral Care can liase with the Consular offices, International Funeral Directors and the Hospital on your behalf.

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